Tajikistan: Between Hijab and Secularism

A bill banning hijabs wearing in public and private institutions is being developed in Tajikistan. Experts say this initiative interferes with people’s rights and freedoms and that “secularism” is not so much about the external form, as about content.

Christian Minorities in Kazakhstan: As Quiet As the Grave

According to the Open Doors international organisation, which serves persecuted Christians worldwide, Kazakstan, along with three other Central Asian states, has been listed as a country where it’s “most dangerous to follow Jesus”. Meanwhile, Astana positions the country as a “model of religious freedom and tolerance”.

How to avoid extremism propaganda in the media

The practical guide “How to avoid propaganda of extremism” in the Kyrgyz and Russian languages ​​was developed by experts of the School of Peacekeeping and Media Technologies in Central Asia, especially for journalists.

The manual was prepared on the basis of a media content study conducted by experts from the School of Peacemaking and Media Technologies in Central Asia as part of the project “Fighting the promotion of violent extremism through media and raising awareness” with financial support from the Democratic Commission of the US Embassy in the Kyrgyz Republic.

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