Tajikistan: Tolerant Coexistence of Sunni Kyrgyz and Ismaili Tajiks on the Roof of the World 24.04.20

Murghab. A place where people withstand the most severe climatic conditions to survive. However, even these circumstances do not prevent local residents from following their ancestors’ customs and traditions. (more…)

Tradition of Head Covering in the Culture and Religions of Kazakhstan

A women’s headscarf is not just a beautiful accessory or a religious garment. In the old days, white headscarf used to mean the end of wars and conflicts for some nations. Today its meaning goes far beyond religions or national traditions.


Sacred worship online. How religious organizations work in Kyrgyzstan 23.04.20

The beginning of the holy month of Ramadan for Muslims in Kyrgyzstan will be held in the state of emergency and self-isolation. In this regard, the Spiritual Administration of the Muslims (SAM) has amended the rules for its observance. (more…)

Kyrgyzstan: the number of children not attending school due to parental beliefs is declining 20.04.20

In Kyrgyzstan, despite many years of struggle, there are still some cases, when children do not attend school because of the religious beliefs of their parents. (more…)

Religion Guide for Journalists Now Available Online

Dear readers and users of the site, we present to your attention a guide on covering religious issues in the online version.


Religion Studies in Kyrgyz Schools: Knowledge Against Radicalization

Starting from September 2020, the introduction of a new subject – “History of Religious Cultures” is planned in all schools of Kyrgyzstan. The subject has been evaluated during five years; experimental lessons are already taught in 56 schools of all regions of the country during this academic year.


Tajikistan: How to Prevent the Spread of Extremism in Prisons 

Mazhab Djuma 10.04.20

The authorities see a solution in isolating prisoners convicted of extremism and terrorism in separate facilities, but this option also is risky. (more…)

How do the Orthodox Christians of Tajikistan live?

There are only few Orthodox Christians in Tajikistan , but they live in peace and harmony. (more…)

Religious Diversity in Kazakhstan: Tolerance Is Learned in Childhood

3738 religious associations are registered in Kazakhstan. Despite the differences, representatives of different faiths coexist peacefully and celebrate the holidays together, not divided by faith.


Interest in knowledge and desire to learn. IWPR re-hosted intellectual games with youth 06.04.20

On March 4, the Institute for War and Peace Reporting (IWPR) re-hosted two intellectual games among the youth of Aravan and Uzgen. The events were attended by 90 people, including students and schoolchildren. (more…)

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