“On the waves of spiritual memory.” Part 3

Ak-Maral Azimova 26.05.20

“The daughter of her mother, the granddaughter of grandparents and great-granddaughter of Karabay, is my mother. A classic of the Soviet way of life, upbringing and education. In the past, an exemplary pioneer, Komsomol member who dreams of becoming a communist …” – Ak-Maral Azimova, columnist for, continues to tell the story of women of their family, who created and are creating their own picture of being, organically integrating religion and a conscious attitude to their personality into it.

 Jehovah’s Witnesses in Tajikistan: Position Unchanged 28.04.20

Followers of this religious community liable for military service continue to go to jail.

Tajikistan: Tolerant Coexistence of Sunni Kyrgyz and Ismaili Tajiks on the Roof of the World 24.04.20

Murghab. A place where people withstand the most severe climatic conditions to survive. However, even these circumstances do not prevent local residents from following their ancestors’ customs and traditions. (more…)

Religious Diversity and Interfaith Peace in Tajikistan 28.02.20

The Constitution of Tajikistan guarantees freedom of religion. 


Dushanbe Interfaith Festival “Tajikistan – Our Home” 27.12.19

Tajik tyubeteykas (skullcaps) of all colors and styles and Kyrgyz caps, Christian priests’ hats and turbans, colorfully embroidered national and European dresses: everything here was festive, colorful and organic. The first Interfaith Festival “Tajikistan – Our Home” was held in Dushanbe. (more…)

Arabic Language Courses in Tajikistan: A Silent Ban or Absence of Demand? 17.12.19

Officials in Dushanbe deny any restrictions on the Arabic language study, but those willing to study it, cannot find the suitable courses.

The Confest “Listen to the ones who is close” was held in Bishkek

If last year the meeting of the Interfaith Council of Kyrgyzstan was more official and formal, this year the event was held in a more interactive and lively format.


IWPR Dialogue Meetings in Sughd: People’s Opinion Instead 12.11.19

From October 29 to November 1, IWPR together with the Committee on Women and Family Affairs under the Government of the Republic of Tajikistan held dialogue meetings and intellectual games for activists of the three border districts of Sughd region.


VIDEO: How to protect your children from influence of radical groups continues a series of videos about interfaith dialogue, tolerance, and secularism.

VIDEO: how to protect yourself in social media continues a series of videos about interreligious concord, tolerance, and secularism.

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