Ak-Maral Azimova 26.05.20

“The daughter of her mother, the granddaughter of grandparents and great-granddaughter of Karabay, is my mother. A classic of the Soviet way of life, upbringing and education. In the past, an exemplary pioneer, Komsomol member who dreams of becoming a communist …” – Ak-Maral Azimova, columnist for, continues to tell the story of women of their family, who created and are creating their own picture of being, organically integrating religion and a conscious attitude to their personality into it.

Inga Sikorskaya 21.05.20

Preventive measures of countering extremist ideology leading to violence require more comprehensive approaches than just blocking and penalties. (more…) 14.05.20

There are many foundations and charity organizations in the republic linked to religion. (more…) 29.04.20

On April 27, an online meeting was held on “Citizenship and Religiosity. The experience of Kyrgyzstan.” The experts discussed whether the principles of citizenship and religiosity contradict each other and whether sacred quests are related to dissatisfaction and disappointment in the public administration system.

(more…) 23.04.20

The beginning of the holy month of Ramadan for Muslims in Kyrgyzstan will be held in the state of emergency and self-isolation. In this regard, the Spiritual Administration of the Muslims (SAM) has amended the rules for its observance. (more…) 20.04.20

In Kyrgyzstan, despite many years of struggle, there are still some cases, when children do not attend school because of the religious beliefs of their parents. (more…)

Starting from September 2020, the introduction of a new subject – “History of Religious Cultures” is planned in all schools of Kyrgyzstan. The subject has been evaluated during five years; experimental lessons are already taught in 56 schools of all regions of the country during this academic year.

(more…) 06.04.20

On March 4, the Institute for War and Peace Reporting (IWPR) re-hosted two intellectual games among the youth of Aravan and Uzgen. The events were attended by 90 people, including students and schoolchildren. (more…)

On February 28, in Bishkek, IWPR held an expert meeting entitled “Implementation Results of the State Policy Concept of Kyrgyzstan in the Religious Sphere for 2014-2020”.

(more…) 24.03.20

Representatives of various religions are actively trying to use modern technologies. Progress of the means of communications provide a good opportunity to find new followers, to communicate with each other, to learn about other faiths and religions. 


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