“On the waves of spiritual memory.” Part 3

Ak-Maral Azimova 26.05.20

“The daughter of her mother, the granddaughter of grandparents and great-granddaughter of Karabay, is my mother. A classic of the Soviet way of life, upbringing and education. In the past, an exemplary pioneer, Komsomol member who dreams of becoming a communist …” – Ak-Maral Azimova, columnist for, continues to tell the story of women of their family, who created and are creating their own picture of being, organically integrating religion and a conscious attitude to their personality into it.

Religious Transformation in Central Asia: Consistent Islamization

The globalization of recent years, which has become synonymous with open borders, the intensification of cultural exchanges, the circulation of various ideas, is regressing. The era of the return of all those problems that seemed to have been overcome in the past is approaching.


Policy of Countering Terrorism and Extremism in Uzbekistan: How Did It Change Over the Past Few Years? 21.05.20

Since the beginning of 2020, the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Uzbekistan has reported three cases of suppression of illegal extremist acts; in two cases, it was the detention of organized groups engaged in the propaganda of radical ideas, recruitment of youth to the ranks of international terrorist organizations. (more…)

Kyrgyzstan: Counter Extremism Strategies Need Modification

Preventive measures of countering extremist ideology leading to violence require more comprehensive approaches than just blocking and penalties. (more…)

Kyrgyzstan: The Thin Line Between Charity and Religious Propaganda 14.05.20

There are many foundations and charity organizations in the republic linked to religion. (more…)

How religious communities in Tajikistan act in the face of threat of COVID-19 pandemic 05.05.20

On April 24, an expert meeting was held in Dushanbe with the representatives of the main religious faiths, where was discussed their readiness to work under the threat of the spread of the coronavirus pandemic, COVID-19 in Tajikistan. (more…)

Tajikistan: Any Online Action Will Be Used Against You

Experts and human rights activists urge the Tajik authorities to introduce an independent examination of materials for the banned ideas. (more…)

Citizenship and religiosity in Kyrgyzstan: search for facets and bilateral cooperation 29.04.20

On April 27, an online meeting was held on “Citizenship and Religiosity. The experience of Kyrgyzstan.” The experts discussed whether the principles of citizenship and religiosity contradict each other and whether sacred quests are related to dissatisfaction and disappointment in the public administration system.


 Jehovah’s Witnesses in Tajikistan: Position Unchanged 28.04.20

Followers of this religious community liable for military service continue to go to jail.

Uzbekistan: Towards Religious Freedom 24.04.20

The authorities of Uzbekistan are trying to get rid of the negative image of the country. Uzbekistan is known as a place where the rights and freedoms of religious citizens are systematically violated. (more…)

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