Tajikistan: Tolerant Coexistence of Sunni Kyrgyz and Ismaili Tajiks on the Roof of the World 24.04.20

Murghab. A place where people withstand the most severe climatic conditions to survive. However, even these circumstances do not prevent local residents from following their ancestors’ customs and traditions. (more…)

Arabic Language Courses in Tajikistan: A Silent Ban or Absence of Demand? 17.12.19

Officials in Dushanbe deny any restrictions on the Arabic language study, but those willing to study it, cannot find the suitable courses.

IWPR Dialogue Meetings in Sughd: People’s Opinion Instead 12.11.19

From October 29 to November 1, IWPR together with the Committee on Women and Family Affairs under the Government of the Republic of Tajikistan held dialogue meetings and intellectual games for activists of the three border districts of Sughd region.


VIDEO: How to protect your children from influence of radical groups continues a series of videos about interfaith dialogue, tolerance, and secularism.

Number of Prisoners Charged with Extremism and Terrorism in Kyrgyzstan Triples in Five Years

Bolot Isaev 22.10.19

According to experts, new approaches are needed for deradicalisation of such prisoners, but we have neither money nor specialists for that.


VIDEO: How not to get under the influence of the destructive movement? 18.10.19 continues a series of videos about interreligious concord, tolerance, and secularism.


VIDEO: How barriers become opportunities continues a series of videos about interreligious concord, tolerance, and secularism.

Uzbekistan Returns 65 Children from Iraq

The state thus demonstrates that citizens who return voluntarily can count at least on fair justice, according to experts.


How Do Yaghnobi People Live? A Report from the Remote Area of Tajikistan

Mazhab Djuma 11.10.19

There is no hospital in the Yaghnob Valley, and the elementary school is only up to the fourth grade. In October, the roads already are covered with snow and communication with the “big land” is lost for six months. The Yaghnobi people live here. They have preserved the ancient Iranian language, a direct descendant of Sogdian.

IWPR Trained GBAO Religious Leaders on Media Literacy 10.10.19

More than 80 religious leaders completed trainings conducted by IWPR in partnership with the Committee of Religion, Regulation of National Traditions, Celebrations and Ceremonies under the Government of the Republic of Tajikistan, in three districts of the GBAO: Darvoz, Vanj Districts and in the city of Khorog, from the 1st to 5th of October.

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