Central Asia

Religious Transformation in Central Asia: Consistent Islamization

CABAR.asia 26.05.20

The globalization of recent years, which has become synonymous with open borders, the intensification of cultural exchanges, the circulation of various ideas, is regressing. The era of the return of all those problems that seemed to have been overcome in the past is approaching.


Religion Guide for Journalists Now Available Online

CABAR.asia 20.04.20

Dear readers and users of the site, we present to your attention a guide on covering religious issues in the online version.


Kyrgyzstan: Religious Education Still Unarranged

The Muslim community reaps the fruits of religious education at the local level. (more…)

Arabic Language Courses in Tajikistan: A Silent Ban or Absence of Demand?

CABAR.asia 17.12.19

Officials in Dushanbe deny any restrictions on the Arabic language study, but those willing to study it, cannot find the suitable courses.

VIDEO: How to build interfaith dialogue?

Belief.cabar.asia continues a series of videos about interfaith dialogue, tolerance, and secularism.

Who Are Agnostics and How They Live in Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan?

According to experts, agnosticism does not mean the denial of God or gods, but means that it’s impossible to know it. Agnostics say they are often confused with atheists.


Interfaith marriages in Tajikistan: all is possible if you are in love

CABAR.asia 08.10.19

Different religions should not become the obstacles to marriage, as religious scholars and representatives of clergy say. The main thing that matters is mutual respect and following the traditions of both sides.

Arastun Orujlu: Central Asian Experience of Working with “Returnees” from Syria is Useful for Azerbaijan

CABAR.asia 23.09.19

“Participation of CIS in radical groups fighting in Syria, Iraq and some parts of Afghanistan is a common issue for all CIS states. Joint efforts would facilitate the fight against this phenomenon and terrorism in general,” Arastun Orujlu, Azerbaijan-based expert in security issues, former officer of the Ministry of National Security of Azerbaijan, and head of the Vostok Zapad think tank, said in the interview to CABAR.asia.

Searching for truth in China’s Uighur ‘re-education’ camps

The Chinese region of Xinjiang is home to millions of ethnic Muslim Uighurs who have lived there for decades. Rights groups say hundreds of thousands have been detained in camps without trial, but China argues they voluntarily attend centres which combat “extremism”. 


Key Principiles for the Protection, Repatriation, Prosecution, Rehabilitation and Reintegration of Women and Children with Links to United Nations Listed Terrorist Groups

The United Nations has provided Kyrgyzstan with guidelines on key principles for the protection, investigation, repatriation, and reintegration of women and children with references to terrorist groups.


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