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Religion Guide for Journalists Now Available Online

Dear readers and users of the site, we present to your attention a guide on covering religious issues in the online version.

The Institute for War and Peace Reporting (IWPR) took the initiative to develop a guide on religious issues for Central Asian countries as part of the Stability in Europe through an Open Dialogue project. For a better understanding of the use, IWPR held three workshops in Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan and Tajikistan.

Religious acts and laws on freedom of speech and hostility.

This manual consists of the following chapters:

1. The right to freedom of religion (author – Dmitry Kabak). The first chapter provides an opportunity for deep awareness.

2. Legislative regulation of religious issues in the Kyrgyz Republic / Republic of Kazakhstan / Republic of Tajikistan (authors – Altynay Isaeva, Gulmira Birzhanova and Shoira Davlatova). This chapter has been included in the guide for understanding religion at the level and in conjunction with authority.

2. Practical recommendations for journalists (author – Inga Sikorska). The third chapter plays an important role, since journalists are the direct dissemination of information.

4. Glossary of terms available when covering religious issues.

The manual is available in four languages: Russian, Tajik, Kyrgyz and Kazakh.

You are receiving special thanks to the authors of this manual: Dmitry Kabak, Altynay Isaev, Inga Sikorska, Gulmira Birzhanova and Shoira Davlatova


Руководство для СМИ_Казахстан_казахша_PDF

Руководство для СМИ_Казахстан_рус_PDF

Руководство для СМИ_Кыргызстан_кырг_PDF

Руководство для СМИ_Кыргызстан_рус_PDF

Руководство для СМИ_Таджикистан_рус_PDF

Руководство для СМИ_Таджикистан_точики_PDF

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