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Interest in knowledge and desire to learn. IWPR re-hosted intellectual games with youth

On March 4, the Institute for War and Peace Reporting (IWPR) re-hosted two intellectual games among the youth of Aravan and Uzgen. The events were attended by 90 people, including students and schoolchildren.

Mind games were opened by media literacy expert Ikbol Isakov with a presentation that included an express test carried out using the Plickers tool. The expert checked the participants for knowledge of the reliability of both the sources and the information contained directly in them. As examples, the following news published by various sources was used: “In Turkmenistan, male employees of state institutions were forbidden to dye gray hair after 40 years to be like the country’s president,” videos such as “one of the leaders of the PRC visits a mosque and reads prayers” and etc. After each question, the students shared their arguments and reasoned about a particular answer. Thus, the media trainer Ikbol Isakov gave an explanation on how to correctly use the tools to identify fake information.

Subsequently, for the participants, another presentation was made by the representative of the State Commission for Religious Affairs of the Kyrgyz Republic, chief specialist of the analytics department Meder Omurbekov. He spoke in detail about the religious diversity of Kyrgyzstan, shared information on the representation of religious organizations and the concept of state policy of Kyrgyzstan in the religious sphere. In addition, Meder clarified all aspects of religious freedom and legislation. Greater attention was paid to understanding secularism and the role of the state in building a bridge between religious and secular institutions.

Following the presentations, participants were invited to test their knowledge of the religious diversity of Kyrgyzstan, understanding of religious freedom and secular principles. Students were divided into teams of 5-7 people, and they were faced with the task – to pass the test, consisting of 24 questions. Questions were discussed within the group. The entire test was allocated 20 minutes. At the end of the team exchanged response forms and checked each other. The winning team received gifts.

Participants shared their impressions about participation in the event:

“Thank you for coming to Duldul Too College of Aravan. The seminar was very useful for us, we learned a lot, in particular about religious extremism in the Kyrgyz Republic, ”said Diana Jamaladinova, a student.

“During the game I learned a lot of interesting things. I would like to emphasize the training on media literacy. We were told about the importance of checking the information that we receive on the Internet. You can’t believe everything that we receive, first you need to check the reliability of the source. It was very interesting. Thank you, ”said Akbarov Iskander, a student at Duldul Too Aravan College.

“Today’s seminar was very interesting, where the coaches told us in detail about media literacy. We did not know much about the consumption of information, how and where to check. And also we learned about religious organizations in Kyrgyzstan, how many communities there are, about world religions. There was a lot of new for our team, and also we were able to exchange our knowledge with each other ”, – a student of the school of Amir Temur, Uzgen.

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