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Research: Kazakhstan’s experience with returnees from Syria

Operation “Zhusan” to save women and children. In Asia, an operation was carried out to return their citizens who came to Syria. According to the Kazakh authorities, women became victims of fraud. Innocently hurt their children.

According to the results of the operation, called “Zhusan” (conducted from January to June 2019), 595 people (primarily women and children) are returning from Syria in Kazakhstan, who must perform rehabilitation and re-socialization work at the rehabilitation centers.

To study the experience of the Kazakhstan city of Nur-Sultan, Aziza Abdirasulova, director of the Kylym Shamy Human Rights Center and Dmitry Kabak, president of the Open Position Public Foundation, who met with officials of the Republic of Kazakhstan Law and are also “returnees” who attended the program, visited rehabilitation.

Operation Zhusan was carried out and carried out at the initiative of Kazakhstan at the highest level, as a result of which conflicts arose between citizens of Kazakhstan. The authorities of Kazakhstan consider this operation as humanitarian. Citizens also ended up in the camps of Syria and the prison of Iraq.

The situation in the conflict zone is constantly deteriorating: in the summer in the camps heavy rainfall is expected, there is no sufficient medical care and medicine, there is not enough nutritious nutrition, and outbreaks of diseases periodically occur. The order in the camp has an unofficial militarized Kurdish education. Conflicts associated with violence periodically arise in the camps. Syrian camps and Iraqi prisons have Kyrgyz citizens.

The report, prepared by civic activists, is aimed at studying the experience of Kazakhstan in working with returnees from Syria. This report was presented for discussion by the participants of the annual meeting in Warsaw at session 11, devoted to the rule of supremacy, held on September 23, 2019. Read below by downloading the document.

Source: human rights website FreedomIndex.net, authors of the report Dmitry Kabak, Aziza Abdurasulova

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