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VIDEO: How to protect yourself from unwanted psychological influence?

Belief.cabar.asia continues a series of videos about interfaith dialogue, tolerance, and secularism.

Dear friends, the Belief.cabar.asia platform is pleased to announce a series of information videos designed to promote the ideas of interreligious concord, tolerance, and secularism. The experts based in Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan and Uzbekistan will share their experiences and give explanations of critical issues.

Video lessons by Belief contain various topics: from civic activism to explanation of how to respond to cyberbullying and not become involved in proscribed organisations. All of them are combined under the slogan “I respect what you believe in.”

Yulia Denisenko, an expert on the prevention of violent extremism, will talk about how to build a bridge across the abyss of social (cult) dependence. You can learn from this video whether the combination of life values, intuition, and critical thinking skills affects the prevention of the manipulation process.

“Detecting psychological manipulation is a step towards neutralizing it,” the expert notes.


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