People Without Religion. Number of Atheists Grows in Kazakhstan.

cabar.asia 04.09.19

According to studies, over 10 years the number of those who consider themselves atheists in Kazakhstan has tripled.

Numbers of Convicted for Inciting Hatred Increase in Kazakhstan

cabar.asia 15.08.19

They are listed as extremists and even after release those convicted under article 174 of the Criminal Code encounter severe barriers to employment and earnings.

Towards “New Life” with Old Templates: Three Pastors of Protestant Church Convicted in Kazakhstan

Andrey Grishin 07.08.19

In Kazakhstan, the state “defeated” a large protestant church “New Life”. Three pastors were found guilty on a series of charges based on the collection of alms.

Kazakhstan: Life of Non-traditional Religions

cabar.asia 06.08.19

In 2018, 20 people in Kazakhstan were sentenced to prison terms for peaceful expression of religious views, according to the international religious freedom report. According to it, Baptists, Seventh Day Adventists and Jehovah’s Witnesses were persecuted among Christian groups. (more…)

IWPR Conducted Dialogue Meetings and Intellectual Games on Religion in the Zhambyl Region

The events were attended by 314 people – social workers, local government representatives, community leaders, theologians, students and religious figures.

Five dialogue meetings and three intellectual games were held in the regional centers of Kazakhstan – Asa, Zhanatas, Karatau, Merke and Kulan. The events were organized by the IWPR Representative Office in Central Asia in cooperation with organizations of legal entities “Association of Religious Studies Centers” and with support of the Office for Religious Affairs of the Zhambyl region’s Akimat.

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Life After IS: What Awaits Kazakhstanis upon Return Home?

The success of the operation to get Kazakhstanis back from combat zones of Syria can be determined many years afterwards, experts say.

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Jehova Witnesses in Kazakhstan: right to be inclusive

cabar.asia 15.05.19

Jehova Witnesses in Kazakhstan are open, eager to share any information. Their activity aren’t restricted in Kazakhstan, however there is risk for restrictions due to incorrect interpretations and understanding of some aspects of their beliefs from society.


IWPR conducted Trainings for Imam Khatibs in Kyrgyzstan and Kazakhstan

cabar.asia 19.04.19

Trainings in Kyrgyzstan were held in Jalalabat, Osh and Batken cities, in Kazakhstan –  Kyzylorda, Turkestan and Taraz cities.

“We Are All Brothers, In Fact”. The Life of Adventists in Kazakhstan

cabar.asia 12.04.19

Adventism in Kazakhstan emerged over 100 years ago. It was brought from Germany via Russia by the Germans. It was mainly people with German background who followed Adventism. Later on, according to the pastor of the Seventh-Day Christian Adventist Church, Vladimir Mikhailov, local population was getting more and more interested in this religion.

A Story of Two Kazakhs Who Adopted Orthodoxy and Protestantism

According to the 2009 census, Kazakhstan has 39,172 ethnic Kazakhs who consider themselves Christians. They are not only the members of various foreign Christian organisations, but also Orthodox Christians. (more…)