The Confest “Listen to the ones who is close” was held in Bishkek

Natalia Lee 17.12.19

If last year the meeting of the Interfaith Council of Kyrgyzstan was more official and formal, this year the event was held in a more interactive and lively format.


Kyrgyzstan: Plant materials on to frame an extremist

Human rights activists of Kyrgyzstan raise the issue of quality investigation regarding citizens charged with extremism. (more…)

VIDEO: How to respond to cyberbulling? continues a series of videos about interfaith dialogue, tolerance, and secularism.

Number of Prisoners Charged with Extremism and Terrorism in Kyrgyzstan Triples in Five Years

Bolot Isaev 22.10.19

According to experts, new approaches are needed for deradicalisation of such prisoners, but we have neither money nor specialists for that.


VIDEO: How not to get under the influence of the destructive movement? продолжает серию видеороликов о межконфессиональном согласии, толерантности и светскости. (more…)

VIDEO: How barriers become opportunities continues a series of videos about interreligious concord, tolerance, and secularism.

Yulia Denisenko: There Is No Universal Solution for The Rehabilitation of Returnees from Syria 16.09.19

«The rehabilitation program for those returning from Syria and Iraq should be individual for each person. There is no universal solution. If it existed across the globe, it would have been successfully used already,» – Julia Denisenko, an independent expert on countering extremism and deradicalization, noted in her interview for (more…)

How the Shiites Live in Kyrgyzstan: Report from the Imam Ali Mosque 09.09.19

The only mosque of the Twelver Shiites of Kyrgyzstan is located in Bishkek.