IWPR in Tajikistan Promotes Involvement of Local Communities in Work to Reduce the Growth of Radicalism and Extremism among Youth

cabar.asia 02.09.19

Local communities on the southern borders of Tajikistan with Afghanistan, in the region named after Mir Sayyid Ali Hamadoni (the former Moscow region) discussed the situation with the growth of extremism and religious intolerance among young and offered their vision for solving the problem. (more…)

In Tajikistan, youth perceive atheists as enemies of religion

cabar.asia 28.08.19

Back in 30s in Tajikistan there was a “Society of the Atheists,” freely operating and clearly enjoying state support. But now atheists, because of the agressive reaction of society, prefer to stay low and quiet. (more…)

Tajikistan: forced hijab poses a difficult choice for woman

In Tajikistan, some of the women complain that their own family members force them to wear a hijab. Lawyers say that for these actions are prohibited by law, but women fear that it can disrupt  the relationship within the family.


Activists in the Kushonien region, in the south of Tajikistan, discussed ways of solving the problems of radicalization and religious tolerance

cabar.asia 23.08.19

The reasons for the radicalization of youth and ways to solve these problems were discussed on August 21 in the Kushonien district, Khatlon region, one of the most affected by the departure of Tajik youth in the ranks of ISIS (a terrorist organization banned in Tajikistan and other countries). (more…)

Political Debates Around Hajj: Tajik Experts on Fatwas Prohibiting Visiting Mecca

cabar.asia 09.08.19

Tajik experts and clergy comment on fatwas of the famous Muslim ulama, who declared it impermissible to go for Hajj.

Taliban’s Coming to Power: What Are the Risks and Challenges for the Region?

 Why did Russia propose to exclude the Taliban from the list of extremist organizations? What will the possible inclusion of the Taliban to the Afghan government lead to? Ismoil Rakhmatov, an expert on the regional issues, tutor at the Tajik-Russian Slavonic University, believes that the possible coming of the Taliban to power can be equally dangerous for both Tajikistan and China.

Why Do the Zoroastrians in Tajikistan Hide Their Religious Identity?

cabar.asia 07.08.19

The religious tolerance level in Tajikistan has recently decreased, as experts insist. According to them, the arising conflicts with the followers of Zoroastrianism are the example of this trend. (more…)

Badakhshan: Representatives of Various Religions Discussed Terrorism Prevention  

cabar.asia 18.07.19

In Garmchashma area of Ishkoshim district, more than 40 khatibs and imam-khatibs from various cities and districts of the republic, the Ismaili caliphs, representatives of the Christian and Protestant churches, scholars, representatives of media, khukumats and international organizations gathered for a free discussion. The topic of the discussion was “Unity as a factor of solidarity and peace in society”.


Fourteen Tajik Prisoners Dead: Mother of the Deceased Does Not Believe in Authorities’ Explanation 

cabar.asia 09.07.19

Fourteen Tajik prisoners died when transported from Sughd region to southern Tajikistan.

Khatlon Clerics’ Competition: Healthcare Centers, Schools, Lenin Monument

cabar.asia 05.07.19

In Khatlon region on the south of Tajikistan, the clergy, apparently while competing with each other, are improving public spaces in cities and districts.